Case Study: A180 Brocklesby

Client :
Aone+ Area 12 MAC
Location :
A180 Brocklesby, Stallingborough and Great Coats
Date :
2010 to 2015
Products :
Ultraband Fill and Overband and Maxicrete F Thin Bond Concrete Repair (TBR)

Works on this section of concrete carriageway have been undertaken by Route One over the last five years and have included over 5000m of Ultraband and 200m2 of Maxicrete F TBR’s.

Ultraband was used as an alternative to the traditional ‘saw and seal’ method and reduced time, waste and cost. Overall savings were in excess of 30%.

Maxicrete F TBR has been used to repair spalling slabs and pavement cracking up to full depth.

  • BBA/HAPAS approved (Ultraband)
  • Early contractor involvement on installation technique to reduce time, waste and cost
  • Fast curing materials reducing possession times and programme
  • Outputs on Ultraband – over 1500m/Night Shift and 10-15m2/Night Shift on Maxicrete F

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