Case Study: Adams Bridge

Client :
A E Yates Ltd
Location :
Date :
December 2017
Products :
Stirling Lloyd PAR1 Primer, 2 Coat Eliminator System, Tack Coat No.2, Metaset, Sentinel B5 Buried Joint & Metaset Structural Adhesive

Route One Infrastructure were employed by A E Yates Ltd to carry out the waterproofing works on Adams Bridge, Wigan.

Route One operatives installed Stirling Lloyd’s 2 coat eliminator system – a high performance waterproofing membrane based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resins developed by Stirling Lloyd – to Adams Bridge in Wigan.

Works were carried out under lane closures over four visits to site, one visit per lane, as the bridge is on a busy ring road. Multiple TM switches were required to ensure minimal disruption to the public. Route One operatives also had to work around many obstacles which meant we had to plan the works with specific consideration to the various services present throughout the deck to ensure works were completed within programme.

Before the deck could be waterproofed, surface preparation to a U4 finish was required which meant the deck would be free from laitance, oils and all other surface contaminants.  This improves the adhesion of the waterproofing to the deck. A pull off test was completed in the presence of A E Yates Ltd to test the adhesion strength of the deck.

Once the surface preparation was completed and A E Yates Ltd representatives were satisfied with the pull off test results, the deck was primed using Stirling Lloyd’s PAR1 Primer. Once primed, any defects on the bridge deck were repaired using Stirling Lloyd’s Metaset, a rapid hardening repair mortar.

After the primer and Metaset had cured, we were then able to apply the required 2 coats of Eliminator. The Eliminator cures rapidly to provide a tough, flexible, seamless membrane and can be amended to accommodate both high and low ambient temperatures without any detriment to the performance of the system. The first coat is yellow in colour and the second coat is white to help distinguish between the layers.

Once the waterproofing membrane had been applied and allowed to cure, it was spark tested to confirm that a defect-free, fully waterproof barrier had been achieved.

Finally, Stirling Lloyd’s Tack coat 2 was applied. This is also colour coded for easy identification. Tack coat no.2 is a one component, high strength Methacrylate co-polymer hot melt adhesive used to provide an excellent bond between the eliminator membrane and the subsequent surfacing. Surfacing can take place immediately once the tack coat is dry, which usually takes around 1 hour, or it can be delayed with no detriment to the bond strength as the tack coat dries to a hard, dirt-repellent film providing that it stays dry.

We were also required to install Sentinel B5 Buried Joints. B20 buried joints were originally specified, however after reviewing the gap size, it was advised and agreed to install a B5 joint. These joints were installed at the same time as the waterproofing which ensured the programme was met.

  • Stirling Lloyd’s Eliminator installed
  • Working around services
  • Multiple TM switches 

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