Case Study: Fiddlers Elbow

Client :
Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd
Location :
Fiddlers Elbow Bridge, Treharris
Date :
November 2016
Products :
Stirling Lloyd's PAR 1 Primer, Two Coat Eliminator System, Bond Coat No.3

Alun Griffiths employed Route One to carry out the waterproofing works to Fiddlers Elbow Bridge in Treharris.

Deck preparation was carried out through shot blasting to provide the required adhesion before applying Stirling Lloyd’s PAR 1 Primer to the concrete deck.

Route One then applied Stirling Lloyd’s two-coat Eliminator waterproofing system, followed by Bond Coat No.3 in order to ‘bond’ together the waterproofing and the surfacing that would follow.

Spark tests were conducted to assess the integrity of the waterproofing membrane, followed by a ‘pull-off’ test to determine the adhesion strength between the membrane and the deck.

Due to the adverse weather conditions and the tight programme restrictions, Route One secured the use of a jet engine drying machine which enabled the works to be completed within these tight constraints.



• Stirling Lloyd’s Waterproofing System

• Used Drying Machine to accelerate programme

• Bond Coat to ‘bond’ together the waterproofing and surfacing


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