Case Study: Selby Bypass, Phase 2

Client :
Location :
Selby Bypass
Date :
July 2016
Products :
Stirling Lloyd One Coat Eliminator System, EMR 35 Joint System, Asphaltic Plug Joint

Route One Highways were locally sourced by Cemex to carry out the bridge deck waterproofing and expansion joints to three bridges on Selby Bypass.

While Cemex concentrated on the reconstruction of the two roundabouts, Route One commenced work on the three bridges.

The surfacing materials were removed in order to expose the existing waterproofing protection that was previously applied, followed by the removal of the waterproofing itself.

We prepared the exposed concrete deck by scarifying, using our fine milling machine. This is used to remove any debris and improve adhesion of the waterproofing materials to be applied.

A ‘pull off’ test was carried out on a small primed area before applying to the full deck. We then installed Stirling Lloyd Eliminator one coat system while leaving a running lane for site traffic at all times.

A layer of fine asphalt material was laid by other contractors which protects the waterproofing from physical damage.

After consultation with Cemex, Route One re-designed the size of the EMR joint and advised on verge installation; we then installed the EMR and asphaltic plug joints to all three bridges.

Matthew Crowder, Business Manager at Cemex says: “Cemex and Route One worked collaboratively to deliver this scheme for North Yorkshire County Council. We hope this partnership continues on further schemes.”

To read more on this project, you can visit North Yorkshire County Council’s website here:



• Early Contractor Involvement on installation techniques
• Regular site meetings to help with design issues
• Adapted way of working to allow site access
• Full range of Stirling Lloyd products used


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