IronGuard manhole and gully repair


IronGuard (IG) is a revolutionary, polymer based, bituminous repair system developed for the reinstatement of all types of ironwork on highways and airfields in asphalt and concrete pavements. Producing a permanent repair, IronGuard is a 100% on-site process and requires no subsequent maintenance.

The system meets the requirements of HD27/04 and HA014/09, comprising high quality bedding mortar, interlocking, mono-polymer bricks (BS5834 and EN124), polymer modified mastic grout and H grade, cold polymer mastic asphalt blocks (BS1447:1988). The cold blocks are designed to absorb the heat from the hot liquid grout whilst forming a monolithic structure with the mono-polymer bricks, which are in turn supporting the frame and cover. The system cools to an ambient temperature faster than other hot applied systems allowing repairs to be completed and the area to be re-opened within restricted working periods.

Benefits: • HAPAS Approved • 5 year guarantee • HD27/04 and HA014/09 compliant • H grade components • 100% on-site process • Fast installation • Recycled aggregate can be used • Economical • No compaction required • Permanent repair • High friction surface • Apply any time of year

Case Study

Case Study: Manhole Repairs, Liverpool

Route One were sourced by A E Yates Ltd to carry out the manhole repairs on Scotland Road in Liverpool.