Surface Retexturing


Route One offer a unique surface retexturing process using the latest ‘Blastrac’ technology to improve the skid resistance of the trafficked surface for either asphalt or concrete.
The existing surface is completely cleaned and retextured in a continuous controlled process. The accuracy is finely controlled by the operator from the on-board touch screen computer within the cab of the vehicle. The operator has a continuous close up view of the blast head and surface from high quality on board cameras.
The encapsulated blasting process uses micro steel shot, which are delivered to the surface at high velocity. This abrades the surface, removing any contamination and restoring the texture depth and properties of the surface materials.
The steel shot and the dust/debris from the surface is drawn up into the machine and separated. The steel shot is continually recycled whilst any debris and waste is collected in a large sealed container in the rear of the truck and recycled if required.
The blasting process is recommended for use on asphalt surfaces, thin surface course systems, anti-skid systems, concrete surfaces and any hard standing paving areas.
Health and Safety
There are no health hazards in relation to this process.

Benefits: • Improves both micro and macro texture • Removes debris and contamination • Improves skid resistance • Extends working life of road surface • Cost effective compared to resurfacing or high friction surfacing • Fast process 1000-3000m2 per hour • Environmentally friendly with very little waste

Case Study

Case Study: Rutland A6003 – Sounding Bridge – Manton

Route One carried out the mechanical retexturing of Anti–skid surfacing on the A6003 Sounding Bridge Roadway – Manton in Rutland.